Jeff Till’s Five Hundred Years

Jeff Till on The School Sucks Project

I got to be a guest on my favorite podcast, The School Sucks Project with Brett Veinotte in May of 2015. I approached him with some ideas about my 53 Cases for Home Education and he thought it was worthy of a couple hours of conversation. I was really thrilled to do it as I am a superfan of his show. The response from this has been pretty positive, I’ve been asked to do other shows, contribute to another project and even met someone for a beer. Here’s some of the podcasts and videos.







Jeff Till on Chuck Morse Speaks radio show

I got to speak on the radio show Chuck Morse Speaks on Tuesday May 26, 2015.  I was a bundle of nerves and had to follow James Corbett. I think I did well enough talking about my experience in home education.  Mr. Morse did stop the interview 10 minutes before the end of the hour and promptly announced that it was his last show with the network.  So I guess I was his last guest.. Read More

The Role of Fear in School

The purpose of school is to help children learn and help them become smart, successful adults. Okay. Why is the school process and institution so eager to use fear and intimidation to reach its goals? Perhaps with the exception of the military and prisons, few other services that aim to benefit its participants use fear or intimidation. Think of a consumer product company, a restaurant, a hotel, a barber, a gym, etc., none.. Read More

The College/Identity Problem

  In an earlier article, The Work/Identity Problem, I explored how when people affix their personal identities to their job title some deleterious things can happen. People can run the risk of basing their self-esteem on whether they keep the same job, it can build inflexibility in finding good work, it can hinder a person’s ability to generate revenue and may encourage corruption. I also suggested that job-based identities also had bad social.. Read More

When Schools Fail to Indoctrinate

Six sigma, school defects and the need for deschooling.   A couple decades ago, it was a hot business trend in industrial manufacturing to adopt quality focused programs such as TQM (Total Quality Management) and Six Sigma. One of the ideas behind Six Sigma was that there was an ideal goal for the ratio of perfect products vs. defective products that would come off the manufacturing line. Motorola had famously set the number.. Read More

Defenseless Minds Meet The Masters Of The Universe: The Overwhelming Institutional Endorsements for College

I know a couple who are in their mid-forties and have three children. They carry over $200,000 in student loans between them and don’t plan on being able to pay them off for 20 years or more, which would put them in post-retirement age. The degrees never got them the paycheck they expected and the debt glooms over every personal decision they make. They hate it. They obsess over it. It’s damaged a significant.. Read More

The Worst Year for GDP, Unemployment and Income Inequality Ever

A Political and Economic Tragedy in One Part   In 2056, the United States of America fell into a severe economic crisis. Government economists realized some horrific news: the GDP, the key measure of the nation’s productivity, growth and wealth, had plummeted nearly 90% from the prior year. To make matters worse, statistics showed that the gap in wealth inequality had multiplied to unthinkable scales, leaving only a few individuals with massive stores.. Read More