Jeff Till’s Five Hundred Years

Defenseless Minds Meet The Masters Of The Universe: The Overwhelming Institutional Endorsements for College

I know a couple who are in their mid-forties and have three children. They carry over $200,000 in student loans between them and don’t plan on being able to pay them off for 20 years or more, which would put them in post-retirement age. The degrees never got them the paycheck they expected and the debt glooms over every personal decision they make. They hate it. They obsess over it. It’s damaged a significant.. Read More

A Complete Case for Home Education (54 Arguments)

Listen to the audio production (96 mb, approx 1 hour): 0001_Complete_case_for_home_education-FHY Download and print PDF:  Comprehensive case for home education v 1-0     Introduction In many ways, public school is terrible for educating children. Fortunately, there is an alternative to public schooling known as home education, or more commonly known as homeschooling, where children do not attend a school with its tedious and oppressive routines and instead take a customized, self-directed approach to.. Read More

The Power and Worthlessness of Knowledge

“Knowledge is power,” so they say. And it’s true. Knowledge translates directly into earning potential and influence. A person who doesn’t know much of anything can barely get a job at the minimum wage. A person who has more of the right knowledge can earn more. And a person with a lot of the right knowledge earns even more. They can become authorities. But most knowledge is absolutely worthless. For example, knowing how.. Read More

The Work/Identity Problem

A job title will seldom define who a person is. Yet, enter any cocktail party, have casual conversation with a new acquaintance, have a first date, or have someone explain “who they are” and most people will likely respond, in some regard, with their job title i.e., the task they do to earn money to pay bills. Many – maybe most – people feel like their reason or justification for being is largely defined by what they.. Read More