Jeff Till’s Five Hundred Years

What foreigners think of America

I explore the common attributes of American life that foreigners find weird, such as saying “how do you do”, tipping, being fat or driving in cars. We spend a bit on whether Americans are unnatural or not, and discuss whether some crazy foreigners want to kill us. Here are my notes, no need to read just for search: What’s weird about America Quora articles Admit it is not a collective, there’s different folks.. Read More

Podcast 20 – Episode Zero: My Struggle Part Two

In part two of “my struggle”, I recount my past from post-college on, including my life in Boston, my jobs at companies like AT Kearny, PricewaterhouseCoopers, and others, the formation of my company, my TASM Lab music albums, my band the Hudson Debacle, my marriage, my kids and more.  Along the way I explain what life lesson I learned through my various endeavors and share some music that I wrote and performed.  .. Read More

Podcast: Disney Fun Time and The Destruction of the Family

Explorations of my recent Disney Dream ocean cruise, an analysis of different types of entertainment, the failure of the kids club, why people go on vacation to be uncomfortable, how Disney owns Star Wars in worse ways than you thought, the poor cruise ship workers and our Western fate, when I worked at Disney, and parental death as both plot device and a reflection of our dissolving families.   No need to read.. Read More

Podcast: STAR WARS – The Dork Awakens!

In this podcast, Jeff Till recounts his own history with Star Wars, reflects on the unique emotional power of the Star Wars saga, explores different fan types, talks Star Wars tattoos, reviews the new “Episode 7: The Force Awakens”, reads about the Disney acquisition and the expanded universe, George Lucas’s philanthropy and possible estate planning strategies, the problems and solutions of the Star Wars prequels, and somehow, inexplicably, ties in Sam Harris, Noam.. Read More