Jeff Till’s Five Hundred Years

The College/Identity Problem

  In an earlier article, The Work/Identity Problem, I explored how when people affix their personal identities to their job title some deleterious things can happen. People can run the risk of basing their self-esteem on whether they keep the same job, it can build inflexibility in finding good work, it can hinder a person’s ability to generate revenue and may encourage corruption. I also suggested that job-based identities also had bad social.. Read More

The Work/Identity Problem

A job title will seldom define who a person is. Yet, enter any cocktail party, have casual conversation with a new acquaintance, have a first date, or have someone explain “who they are” and most people will likely respond, in some regard, with their job title i.e., the task they do to earn money to pay bills. Many – maybe most – people feel like their reason or justification for being is largely defined by what they.. Read More

Not Thinking About Free Will

(Note first published near the publication of Sam Harris’ “Free Will’.  This note was a personal correspondence with a friend who, like I, really like Harris’ work.  Since writing this I’ve heard quite a bit more analysis on Free Will and Determinism via FreeDomain Radio.  My perspectives haven’t changes much.) Mini book report of Sam Harris’ “Free Will” prepared mostly as a note to Chris Beck While I thought his ideas on punishment.. Read More

Why Get Married

(My first chance with coming up for objective, non-religion reasons for marriage in a ceremony speech at an atheist wedding.)   “Why should people get married?” It may seem like a stupid or dangerous question to ask here and now. What if we’re not satisfied with the answer? After all, the cake has been frosted, the dress has been hemmed, the champagne has been bought. Fortunately, the answer is a good one. Also, I.. Read More