Jeff Till’s Five Hundred Years

So, What Do You Want to Be When You Grow Up? (Podcast)

In this 45 minute podcast, four of the blogs are tied together with some other perspective to discuss the role of occupation in forming identity. It starts with the Work/Identity problem and moves through perspectives on identity through the economy, college, and school, with just a touch of politics. Featuring voice talent of Jen, Adie, Huck, and Mason. End music TASM Lab’s “Demystified, disenchanted” sung by Michelle Graf. “What do you want to.. Read More

The Worst Year for GDP, Unemployment and Income Inequality Ever

A Political and Economic Tragedy in One Part   In 2056, the United States of America fell into a severe economic crisis. Government economists realized some horrific news: the GDP, the key measure of the nation’s productivity, growth and wealth, had plummeted nearly 90% from the prior year. To make matters worse, statistics showed that the gap in wealth inequality had multiplied to unthinkable scales, leaving only a few individuals with massive stores.. Read More

Partisan Dog Poop Gourmets

Imagine of group of like-minded people who thought of themselves as fine, gourmet chefs who make delicious and creative food. They strive to be the best cooks preparing the best food available anywhere. But instead of practicing new cooking techniques, trying new ingredients or working to improve their own recipes, they walk around the yard tasting bites of dog shit. And every time they put the hot disgusting mess in their mouth, they.. Read More

The Work/Identity Problem

A job title will seldom define who a person is. Yet, enter any cocktail party, have casual conversation with a new acquaintance, have a first date, or have someone explain “who they are” and most people will likely respond, in some regard, with their job title i.e., the task they do to earn money to pay bills. Many – maybe most – people feel like their reason or justification for being is largely defined by what they.. Read More

RomneyCare and ACA: This Time It’ll Be Different

(First written on the announcement of the passing of the ACA) RE: HEALTHCARE BILL / My own Romneycare experience Congratulations to the uncovered 15 MM people, the donut-holers, the pre-existers, et al.  You will get something very valuable at an incredible price point. Congratulations to those who have the worldview that we should have a zero failure rate in healthcare, that the poor should get quality healthcare with dignity, and that nobody should.. Read More