Jeff Till’s Five Hundred Years

Great review of “Rise Above School” from Penelope Trunk

Homeschool expert and great writer, who I admire greatly, has reviewed my book (she says it ‘rocks’).  Here’s the review it self: “Here are three that I really enjoyed: Rise Above School, by Jeffrey Till This book is a guide to making the decision to homeschool. Till makes an interesting distinction between intellectually knowing that there are better ways to spend childhood than in school and conquering the emotions that prevent you from taking.. Read More

Podcast #19: Episode Zero: My Struggle. Part One

I discuss the basis of my worldview, including anarchism, peaceful parenting, atheism, unschooling, and personal freedom as context for previous and future podcasts. I also discuss my hobbies such as music and art, and give a much too long story about my childhood, teen and college years. Including tunes from Overman and Screwtape. Part one of two.   Photo above: Mr. Till in 1991 This photo: The Overwoman show Jeff after cutting his.. Read More

Everything Isaac Morehouse and a mini-cast on obligation PODCAST

In this podcast, Jeff discusses some follow up on obligation including his underwear and giving Christmas presents.  He asks if Princess Leia is a Disney Princess.  He listens to Isaac Morehouse talk about moving to South Carolina and whether meeting Isaac was actually a “once in a lifetime” lucky event or if their sameness caused them to move almost to the same neighborhood. Then it is the complete episode of the Isaac Morehouse.. Read More

Dr. Ron Paul chimes in

I got a personal note from Dr. Ron Paul after we sent him the book “Rise Above School”:   “Jeff, Thanks for the copy of “Rise Above School.” Great advice for anyone considering educating their children at home.You may use the quote if you choose. My Homeschooling web site is “Ron Paul” Keep up the good work on this crucial issue. Ron” Was it a staff member or does the Good Doctor write his own?.. Read More

I’m in a book! Unschooling Dads

  A new book is out on unschooling dads and my contribution is in it! Check it out and buy a copy. I’ll be posting my submission as a blog here some point soon as well as some of the new material in a book I’m writing. Unschooling Dads Twenty-two Testimonials on Their Unconventional Approach to Education Edited by Skyler J. Collins Buy it on Amazon   Here’s Skylar’s site:   Here’s my.. Read More

Book report: Think and Grow Rich by Napoleon Hill

New podcast!  In this episode, I review and give my thoughts on Napoleon Hill’s 1937 classic “Think and Grow Rich”.   I give some general thoughts on what I thought about the book, review and provide commentary on his 13 steps to riches, try to make sense out of “sexual transmutation”, and review my favorite section of leadership traits.  Special guest voice: Mr. Hill himself!  Also, the closing music is sung by Dave.. Read More

Tara reflects on The Complete Case for Home Education

Unschooling bloger Tara from Wyoming has written and posted a very nice personal extension based on a few arguments I made in my Complete Case for Home Education.  She suggests another one “The argument for eating what and when you want” that perhaps I’ll write up (or just steal hers). Enjoy!

Jeff Till on with Danilo Cueller

Hi! Danilo Cueller of invited me on his podcast to discuss a bunch of stuff check it out! Here’s Danilo’s description:   Please enjoy my recent conversation with Jeff Till. Herein we discussed how he became a Voluntaryist, classified like a number, treated like a subject, societal sadism, seen vs. unseen, deschooling oneself, exposing the gun in the room, Taoism, oldest libertarian/Voluntaryist philosophy, explaining unschooling/homeschooling gently, broken window fallacy, exiting the Matrix,.. Read More