Explorations of my recent Disney Dream ocean cruise, an analysis of different types of entertainment, the failure of the kids club, why people go on vacation to be uncomfortable, how Disney owns Star Wars in worse ways than you thought, the poor cruise ship workers and our Western fate, when I worked at Disney, and parental death as both plot device and a reflection of our dissolving families.


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Cruise review

  • Stateroom
  • Service
  • Private island
  • Food
  • Characters
  • Entertainment
  • Crowds
  • The kid club problem

Types of entertainment and thinking about it

  • Dimensions: passive vs. active, intrinsic vs. extrinsic, visceral vs. intellectual or maybe it’s immersive vs externalized
  • Making choices, like rope climbing
  • A book: how to entertain yourself and be happy
  • I don’t think many people think about it this way.
  • What if people applied this kind of analysis to what job they have?

Vacation somewhere worse than where you live

  • Caseville
  • Ecuador
  • Matt’s TV dream

The speed pass story

  • Costs!


Financial abuse

  • Healthcare
  • Education
  • The state
  • Raj Patel book



Do people learn to hate prices because of financial abuse?


My talk with a Disney executive

Disney owns star wars, really.

  • The movie was great
  • But the merchandising… the sacredness will be gone

My experience working at Disney

The Disney cruise crew problem


Disney and IP: the hypocrisy


Disney and their sit-com business

  • Everybody is incredibly wealthy
  • No parents, no jobs

The point of no parents in all Disney fiction

  • I think it is just good drama
  • But what if it is either a cause or a reflection of the end of parenting in America, school, two family income, or even the welfare state where fathers don’t exist