Five Hundred Years is Jeff Till’s blog/media site to express personal views on subjects that will affect the future, such as children and family, education, ethics, economics, politics, business, technology, science, personal freedom, aesthetics, and peaceful, non-violent interaction.

Jeff is a professional writer and business owner in the management consulting and enterprise technology industry.  His hobbies include studying ethics, economics, education, history and other topics.  He is a hobbyist music composer with eight vanity albums released, a hobbyist fine art painter, writer and web developer.  He also enjoys playing Wii U, having drinks with friends, and watching the NFL.

Jeff and his wife Jennifer live in the Charleston SC area with their three young unschooled children, Adie, Huck and Vy.

Feel free to send me a note at Jeff (at) fivehundredyears (dot) org.



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