In this podcast, Jeff Till recounts his own history with Star Wars, reflects on the unique emotional power of the Star Wars saga, explores different fan types, talks Star Wars tattoos, reviews the new “Episode 7: The Force Awakens”, reads about the Disney acquisition and the expanded universe, George Lucas’s philanthropy and possible estate planning strategies, the problems and solutions of the Star Wars prequels, and somehow, inexplicably, ties in Sam Harris, Noam Chomsky and September 11, 2001.

No need to read below here, it’s just my outline and it is for search spiders and the like:


Star Wars Podcast

Star wars as an emotional firebomb

  • My weeping
  • Read onion article on Chewbacca sui


  • Steve from Isaac’s podcast.
  • Why? I don’t know (Story, fighting bad guys, fighting dad, becoming bigger than the ordinary, technology, Sinbad, the music,

My star wars history

Does star wars belong to my generation?

  • Didn’t even know Darth Vader was the father
  • Reason article on the cardboard

Thoughts on ep 7

  • It looked fantastic
  • The acting was spot on
  • New characters were good
  • Sped through too much plot
  • Did they speed through the friendships, but they did in episode 4 too.
  • Would’ve liked something different
  • Rey knows too much, so I’m hoping that’s a plot point
  • There’s an origin story now, maybe they’ll work that in like God Father 2
  • Han’s death.
  • Baggage article
  • I’m hooked/delighted


The Disney purchase.

  • About the “distressed” brand
  • Is princess lea now a Disney princess? Nope.

The GL can still make $400MM per year

Interview with the kids

Criticism of prequels

– Play redletter

Idea for new:

  • Breaking bad (play clips)
  • Road to serfdom (read copy)

Harris vs. Chomsky and the road to hell

The Deathstar vs. 9/11 or 911 were strategic targets.

“Terrorism” is bullshit whitewash.

By a consistent definition, the US military use “terrorism”