New podcast.  Fun topic today: Fascism in America.  This podcast reviews why the pejorative nature of the word “fascism” may prevent many people from realizing that America, economically, is in, or at least heading, into a dire fascistic state. We discuss the implementation of fascism through its government tools, review 16 industries that represent the bulk of America’s “productive” economy, take a deep dive into why affordable healthcare is actually illegal, and review how the word “privatization” is bastardized at best.


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Don’t bother reading below, this is my outline and I put it here just for Google bots:


The F-word in America: Fascism USA Style


The Myth

The tools

The industries





The F-word and history

  • Define fascism – Fascism
  • Why its important to today’s debate i.e., no capitalism, why we get confused
  • What liberals like in socialism, but really like in fascism
  • People want fascism



Fascism without philosophy


Implementing fascism: Are the law, market limitations – like tariffs and fees, government purchases, subsidy, liscense, registration and regulation the tools of fascism?


The industries


The separation of healthcare and market is the suicide of the human race.


Before ObamaCare, the healthcare industry was a big government fuckstorm





Tying insurance to employment

Making cheap insurance illegal via Coverage laws

The destruction of the price/value system

Nobody in the government, the republicans could offer a solution because they probably didn’t know what the fuck was going on.

The ACA is worse

Medical loss ratios and the possibility of evening the field

Removing the price mechanism out of healthcare

Removing the provider and the customer from healthcare in decisions

Coverage laws



Healthcare is expensive because cheap healthcare is illegal


Would single payer be better? Only if a private market existed on top.


RomneyCare and my story

Now with ACA, I can’t see my doctor.


Can you imagine wanting to buy phones or computers or anything from the government?  Or food?  Now apply this to healthcare.

Government freezes things in time




Privatization as libertarianism larceny and fallacy

Salon article


Rent seeking and the fabulous Elon Musk

“Rent Seeking” is too nice a term.



What is preferred?  Socialism or Fascism? Fascism is probably a tad better because at least an individual is still making a profit and others will try to get it.  Meaning, oddly, there’s still a competition even though it is horribly fixed.




All central violence and authority attracts money and power


You can’t regulate fascism.  Fascism is regulation.  Fascism is government.


In the end, Freedom is preferred.  Voluntary interactions.  Fascism and socialism are zero sum, win-lose games.  In capitalism, every transaction creates more value for both parties.  It’s win-win and creates more value where there was less.


  • Military and prisons, pretty scary apps
  • Healthcare and knowledge, the scariest apps – How we think, how we survive
  • The separation of education and market is the enslavement of the human race