Jeff Till’s Five Hundred Years

RomneyCare and ACA: This Time It’ll Be Different

(First written on the announcement of the passing of the ACA) RE: HEALTHCARE BILL / My own Romneycare experience Congratulations to the uncovered 15 MM people, the donut-holers, the pre-existers, et al.  You will get something very valuable at an incredible price point. Congratulations to those who have the worldview that we should have a zero failure rate in healthcare, that the poor should get quality healthcare with dignity, and that nobody should.. Read More

Why Get Married

(My first chance with coming up for objective, non-religion reasons for marriage in a ceremony speech at an atheist wedding.)   “Why should people get married?” It may seem like a stupid or dangerous question to ask here and now. What if we’re not satisfied with the answer? After all, the cake has been frosted, the dress has been hemmed, the champagne has been bought. Fortunately, the answer is a good one. Also, I.. Read More