Jeff Till’s Five Hundred Years

Defenseless Minds Meet The Masters Of The Universe: The Overwhelming Institutional Endorsements for College

I know a couple who are in their mid-forties and have three children. They carry over $200,000 in student loans between them and don’t plan on being able to pay them off for 20 years or more, which would put them in post-retirement age. The degrees never got them the paycheck they expected and the debt glooms over every personal decision they make. They hate it. They obsess over it. It’s damaged a significant.. Read More

The Worst Year for GDP, Unemployment and Income Inequality Ever

A Political and Economic Tragedy in One Part   In 2056, the United States of America fell into a severe economic crisis. Government economists realized some horrific news: the GDP, the key measure of the nation’s productivity, growth and wealth, had plummeted nearly 90% from the prior year. To make matters worse, statistics showed that the gap in wealth inequality had multiplied to unthinkable scales, leaving only a few individuals with massive stores.. Read More