Jeff Till’s Five Hundred Years

Jeff Till on with Danilo Cueller

Hi! Danilo Cueller of invited me on his podcast to discuss a bunch of stuff check it out! Here’s Danilo’s description:   Please enjoy my recent conversation with Jeff Till. Herein we discussed how he became a Voluntaryist, classified like a number, treated like a subject, societal sadism, seen vs. unseen, deschooling oneself, exposing the gun in the room, Taoism, oldest libertarian/Voluntaryist philosophy, explaining unschooling/homeschooling gently, broken window fallacy, exiting the Matrix,.. Read More

Every fuckwit, asshat and douchebag you’ve ever met went to school. (Um, strong language)

  Pretty much every fuckwit, asshat and douchebag you ever met went to school. And the overwhelming majority of them went to public school. So did every halfass, asshole, moron, creep, geek, mouthbreather, bullshit artist, idiot, cocksucker, dickweed, jerk, imbecile, dink, dork, maroon, halfwit, shit-fer-brains, fuckface, asshammer, dickhead, pussy, wimp, airhead, slut, bimbo, asskisser, dweeb, gasbag, freak, ignoramus, hick, redneck, kook, lardass, meathead, masshole, tool, twerp, twit, wanker, weirdo, yahoo, zero, white trash,.. Read More