Jeff Till’s Five Hundred Years

Tara reflects on The Complete Case for Home Education

Unschooling bloger Tara from Wyoming has written and posted a very nice personal extension based on a few arguments I made in my Complete Case for Home Education.  She suggests another one “The argument for eating what and when you want” that perhaps I’ll write up (or just steal hers). Enjoy!

Our Funny Government or “Little Piles of Garbage”

In this podcast, I take a somewhat side-ways look at different aspects of government that are strange or curious from a libertarian point of view. It’s light on framework or theory, and it isn’t particularly funny either.  I hope you enjoy it! 1 hour and about 15 minutes. Podcast includes: – Little piles of garbage – Did you what Amazon did? – I’ve got an idea! – Government likes art and culture! –.. Read More