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Home Education: How to get started and the Decision Checklist

Here are the final two chapters of my book “Rise Above School“   Since you are making the most important decision of your child’s or children’s lives, you should have a purposeful and thoughtful plan of action. You can take any course you like, but I recommend making it somewhat formal. Understand that you may be doing the hard work of reversing your own indoctrination and your spouse’s as well. Listed below are.. Read More

Rescue your children from school

This is the first two chapters of my new book “Rise Above School”   Rescue your children from school If you love your children; if you are concerned about their happiness; if you want them to grow up being smart, educated and capable, if you want them to become unique, positive forces in the world, if you want them to escape the worker/soldier mentality, then you must take them out of school.  .. Read More

My New Book: “Rise Above School”

    I wrote a book!  It’s on making the decision to home educate. Buy it on Amazon   Buy it on Kindle 100% of the content is either already on or will be on this blog, so if you’ve read this site, there is no reason to buy it unless you want the hard copy or support the site. Choosing how you will educate your children is probably the biggest decision you.. Read More

Wealth Inequality: Death is the Ultimate Poverty

New podcast! This one is an analysis of wealth inequality and questions whether we should reject it or embrace it. Originally titled “Catch up to the rich: wealth inequality and toilet paper” it takes a consumption-specific approach to understanding the necessity of wealth inequality. Note: I’m not sure this is my best work and it doesn’t start making the point until about 30 minutes in. Another note:  I forgot to readdress the YouTube.. Read More