Jeff Till’s Five Hundred Years

Podcast: On Obligation and Duty: Tyranny of the Alarm Clock

Here a new podcast on Obligation, Duty and striving for personal freedom.  It’s a long one at almost two hours, but there’s some fun and interesting stuff in it.  It starts with some Ayn Rand, touches into Steve Martin and Peter Gibbons, goes into and then leaves Price Waterhouse, ditches my wife’s book club, takes a nap, sleeps in, does a little Harry Browne, worries about doing what you love, and features Dave.. Read More

Talking about home education

This is the last bit of book not yet posted on the site.   I think you’ll find that most people you encounter, even close family members, will reject home education without giving it a second’s thought. If they begin to even sniff some of the reasons why you may find school to be bad, they’ll become hostile and defensive. This is because, in all likelihood, they know the truth about school in.. Read More