Jeff Till’s Five Hundred Years

Everything Isaac Morehouse and a mini-cast on obligation PODCAST

In this podcast, Jeff discusses some follow up on obligation including his underwear and giving Christmas presents.  He asks if Princess Leia is a Disney Princess.  He listens to Isaac Morehouse talk about moving to South Carolina and whether meeting Isaac was actually a “once in a lifetime” lucky event or if their sameness caused them to move almost to the same neighborhood. Then it is the complete episode of the Isaac Morehouse.. Read More

Podcast: STAR WARS – The Dork Awakens!

In this podcast, Jeff Till recounts his own history with Star Wars, reflects on the unique emotional power of the Star Wars saga, explores different fan types, talks Star Wars tattoos, reviews the new “Episode 7: The Force Awakens”, reads about the Disney acquisition and the expanded universe, George Lucas’s philanthropy and possible estate planning strategies, the problems and solutions of the Star Wars prequels, and somehow, inexplicably, ties in Sam Harris, Noam.. Read More

Dr. Ron Paul chimes in

I got a personal note from Dr. Ron Paul after we sent him the book “Rise Above School”:   “Jeff, Thanks for the copy of “Rise Above School.” Great advice for anyone considering educating their children at home.You may use the quote if you choose. My Homeschooling web site is “Ron Paul” Keep up the good work on this crucial issue. Ron” Was it a staff member or does the Good Doctor write his own?.. Read More