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I wrote a book! ┬áIt’s on making the decision to home educate.

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100% of the content is either already on or will be on this blog, so if you’ve read this site, there is no reason to buy it unless you want the hard copy or support the site.

Choosing how you will educate your children is probably the biggest decision you will ever make for their happiness, their knowledge and their approach to life. “Rise Above School” is a tool to help you make this critical decision. It takes a candid and thorough look at what school is and does and explains the opportunities available through home education (i.e., homeschooling.) Jeffrey Till explains his views on schooling and education through the lens of years of study on the topic and from his own experiences home educating his own three children.



22 Unschooling Dads - kindle


A new book is out on unschooling dads and my contribution is in it! Check it out and buy a copy.

I’ll be posting my submission as a blog here some point soon as well as some of the new material in a book I’m writing.

Unschooling Dads
Twenty-two Testimonials on Their Unconventional Approach to Education
Edited by Skyler J. Collins

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