Pretty much every fuckwit, asshat and douchebag you ever met went to school. And the overwhelming majority of them went to public school.

So did every halfass, asshole, moron, creep, geek, mouthbreather, bullshit artist, idiot, cocksucker, dickweed, jerk, imbecile, dink, dork, maroon, halfwit, shit-fer-brains, fuckface, asshammer, dickhead, pussy, wimp, airhead, slut, bimbo, asskisser, dweeb, gasbag, freak, ignoramus, hick, redneck, kook, lardass, meathead, masshole, tool, twerp, twit, wanker, weirdo, yahoo, zero, white trash, dip-shit, bitch, hussy, fucktard, ass-clown, sleazebag, doofus, dink, and fuckstick as well.

So did every failure, poor person, bum, hobo, homeless person, inbreed, deadbeat, and crazy person.

So did every sicko, wife-beater, faker, bully, thief, liar, fraud, murderer, psycho, and politician.

But what of it?

So did most of the happy, kind and successful people too.

And so did you and me.

I guess there in no guarantee in what shapes what children become. Certainly not with school.