Homeschool expert and great writer, who I admire greatly, has reviewed my book (she says it ‘rocks’).  Here’s the review it self:

“Here are three that I really enjoyed:

Rise Above School, by Jeffrey Till

This book is a guide to making the decision to homeschool. Till makes an interesting distinction between intellectually knowing that there are better ways to spend childhood than in school and conquering the emotions that prevent you from taking your kids out.

He talks about having empathy for children and he writes a lovely chapter about the turning point in his own heart: “I realized that we had to homeschool because there was no way I would send myself to school understanding what I knew about school. If faced with the choice, I wouldn’t make myself unhappy, I wouldn’t waste my time, I wouldn’t put myself through the torture of school. With any empathy, how dare I send my children? How dare I treat them in a way that I wouldn’t treat myself?”

Till deftly lays out the reasons why school doesn’t work. But increasingly I’m talking with parents who know the data about how bad schools are, but they still can’t get themselves to take the next step. It seems too scary. That’s an emotional barrier that needs to be met with an emotional answer to why homeschool, and this books provides that.”


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