Today I explore the idea of whether government is cooperation or collaboration, whether anarchy is like the existence of bears or sharks based on an email and conversation from my friend Chris, local government, the nature of ants and bees, a book report on Edward O. Wilson’s “The meaning of human existence”, the nature of democracy, collaboration in the free market, pervasive collaboration that is voluntary and positive, I read a Jeffrey Tucker article on ice cream, we do a bit on I, Pencil, Isaac Morehouse’s view of public choice theory, try to make a toaster from scratch, the history of ice cream, talk to an alien and kick some ass with The Hudson Debacle’s song “ice cream!”.

Below here is my outline. Do not read, just for search spiders:


Collaboration and Ice cream!

Is government or democracy collaboration or cooperation?

The meaning of human existence

Tucker article

History of icecream,

ice cream the ultimate collaboration

  • Collaboration is awsome

Like pencils, you can’t make it at home

The guy who tried to make a toaster.


You can tell government does things we don’t want to do because it’s forced. Nobody forces us to eat ice cream and yet we do.

Government is the failure of collaboration, but only because it insists we interact in ways that aren’t productive.

Democracy is a system of disagreement and non-collaboration. It is a zero-sum system that preemptively solves a dispute by denying one side. It’s a system to work around collaboration.

As is government. It’s a work-around to non-cooperation designed to get people to comply under the illusion of non-violence.

Issac’s public choice article

First, we don’t vote for things, we vote for people who are a bundle of things and are seemingly pre-vetted.




What if we had to vote for what kind of ice cream people could eat? Or what if we even had to vote for what was in the store.

Taking 15 minutes to check a box in a school cafeteria every four years does not mean you are helping others or working to make things better.

Voting is some queer idea that we can blame our neighbors for crap that perfect strangers in Washington DC do.

Laws by exception: Making laws out of exceptions vs. rule, as it applies to gun violence, UBI/BIG, drugs, etc.

Could there be intelligent laws?



All valuable government services where people actually SEE what they are getting, save maybe SS, are performed at the local level. They have to be, because if they are screwed up people will notice. The mayor always has the threat that people will show up during his lunch break and chew him out or punch him in the neck. The congressman has no threat. Nor do the other 4,000,000 people on staff at the federal level.

Imagine if you gave your neighborhood federal-level money?


What if the govt spent everything on free icecream? Ayn Rand and the medical pension.

Dems like these 16 flavors of icecream, the reps like another 16 even though some of them overlap. How can a libertarian not like any of them?

Collaboration has to voluntary.

Great collaborations:

  • Family
  • Marriage
  • Freindship
  • Good neighbors
  • Parties
  • Sports teams
  • Going to a restaurant or a grocery store
  • Businesses and employees
  • Working with vendors
  • Shopping
  • Markets in general
  • – The myth of markets only being ‘competition’
  • – We don’t compete for food or shelter, everybody gets it
  • – Stalin joke “Dark humor is like food, not everybody gets it.”
  • Going to get ice cream

What is government?

Icecream song