Is libertarianism a political failure? Why enthusiastically yes! Here we talk about little corners of libertarianism, ask about Rawls’ veil of ignorance, the joyful libertarian discovery process, Ron Paul, Gary Johnson and libertarian politicians, your relationship with commerce, becoming an anarchist, libertarian guilt and what you are supposed to do, romanticizing oppression, feeling the burn of news TV, how I’m free, how I’m not free, having a how-do-you-do with your indoctrination, and cultivating libertarianism.


Here below is just my outline, no need to read:

Libertarianism is a political failure:

What it is. Don’t hurt people, don’t take their stuff.

Are we selfish? Are libertarians trying to help everybody or just themselves?

The Rawls original position problem of building a society before you know your role in it

The interesting and joyous libertarian discovery process

  • Red Pill or Blue Pill vs. being buried alive with a spoon or without a spoon.
  • There’s so much to learn
  • I’m not sure other political philosophies get so much introspection
    • Partly because they don’t have to, go with party
  • My path to libertarianism
  • Ron Paul Libertarian Cross-Breeding
  • The other Ron Paul’s people forget (in a free society and what we have going now.)
  • The sour realization that elections and saviors will never work, nor should they
    • Ron Paul, Gary Johnson – there should never be any libertarian politics or politicians

Relationship with commerce, a really big ask?

Maybe that’s the approach to helping people, not teaching them economics and classical liberal thought


Nothing will happen if you become an anarchist

  • But what is the danger of being a statist or leftist?
  • Will you pull the switch?

Libertarian Guilt – What are you not doing that you are supposed to be?

  • Vote for x
  • Don’t vote at all
  • What did you read?
  • Or did you listen to x podcast/youtube
  • Do you donate?
  • Did you go to an event
  • Do you own gold?
  • Do you like the gold standard?
  • Do you hate the federal reserve?
  • Are you anti war?
  • Do you do drugs
  • Do you argue like a big know-it-all douchebag about everything?
  • Do you own a gun?
  • Do you stockpile?
  • Do you homeschool?
  • Did you start a blog/podcast, write a book, promote the ideas
  • Did you start a company
  • Have you seen any girls?
  • Do you like big buts?
  • Do you wear an tinfoil hat?
  • Was 9/11 an inside job?
  • Maybe the Colbert video


Libertarian power rankings?

The Romanticism of Oppression

Is the tension we see on the news (war, environment, poverty, racism, domestic shooting, politics) a complete opposite of what we experience in real life?


How I’m free

How I’m not free

  • Quarter of my working year burned
  • Can’t buy dope, even though my doctor thought it would be heathier
  • Luckily I’m not gay, or black historically, but we don’t have to moan about this, but take it as a case in point
  • My access to healthcare is fucked up
  • My savings and bank account is totally fucked up
  • I can only go so far in dissaccoiating from the war murders
  • We escaped school, but where’s the beautiful market for education that should be here?
  • We don’t even know what products, technologies, etc., we are denied.


The six sigma of school

Reconciling your indoctrination – school, church, parent relationships


People try so hard to be normal and then get frustrated that they are ordinary

  • Personal
  • Political


How not too cultivate libertarianism:

  • Arguments
  • Pushing education of liberal themes
  • Debating
  • Politics – The worst way
  • Libertarian politicians probably shouldn’t exist
  • Critical Libertarianism vs. Productive Libertarianism


Cultivating libertarianism

  • Experiencing freedom
  • Personal freedom as an example
  • Homeschooling
  • A good relationship with commerce

Is libertarianism a political failure?

  • Yes, obviously, look at the election
  • But, it can’t succeed. You can’t ask for ultimate power and promise to not use it.
  • It’s basis is political failure, it’s precedented on government essessentially failing to bring about flourishing, it’s a desire for politics to fail