I discuss the third component that would suggest a country is fascist which is militarism (combined with corporatist economics and nationalism). Do we need our leaders to dress up in general’s uniforms to be militaristic, or is it our ethics and investments that indicate militarism? Discussed is the history of the military and US wars, a look at the numbers of people working in the military, the glorification of the soldier, budgets and investment, our personal payments and responsibilities, and whether militarism (and the military) is necessary.


The photo is of my son’s Nerf gun collection.


– Some kids off of Youtube singing

– Movie Starship Troopers

– The Air Force

– Lots o’ Wikipedia

– The DoD website

– TASM Lab (Till), “The Whole God-damned World”


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F-word militarism

Onward Christian soldiers

Review and the conclusion, does the US have the third feature of fascism?

Blue yonder

Starship troopers

Looking for leaders wearing military dressing and soldiers in the street.


America Has Been At War 93% of the Time – 222 Out of 239 Years …


Don’t forget the list of wars



Recruiting ad

Soldier glorification

Holidays and patriotism

Denying the fact that they protected my right to speak results in them, govt employees, beating me up



$8000 per household (assume 100 mill households)

Imagine if we all got bills?

For fun, figure out how many people you have passively killed with military taxes.

Imagine if we got death reports?  How about photos of the victims, like when you sponsor a child overseas for charity.

Does war have to be the way?

A new way: Protect at home, Rescue, education and persuasion

Not about arguing for or against a military.

Conclusion: Does the country have the third feature of fascism?

Whole goddam world