Today we discuss how sacred the idea of “separation of church and state” is to our national dialogue. Yet, for many of us, there are more issues even MORE sacred than religion. How about healthcare? Or consumption? Or family itself? Are we hurting children by not separating them from the state and keeping them separate from the market? This is a quick one. Also, check out on iTunes if you use the podcast app.


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Separation of church and state: what’s really sacred to us?

Church and state

  • History and purported reason
  • Power
  • We learn it in school
  • Constitution – First amendment
  • Oddly they are very similar in their appeal to imaginary authority, extrinsic reasons for morality, laws, reliance on the indoctrination of children. Tithing,
  • Christians have used it for church tax evasion, homeschooling, not performing certain reproductive procedures.
  • Chris Beck uses lent to stop drinking.
  • Other religions too, like some Native Americans getting the use of an illegal drug for their ceremonies.
  • But kinda BSy…
  • Money
  • Induction
  • Oath/perjury
  • Political events
  • Prayer in school
  • Abortion and gay marriage
  • Charity
  • George bush and the Iraq war
  • The war itself is an indirect creligous war

Separation of healthcare and state, already covered, but cheap, plentiful healthcare is illegal.

Separation of consumption and state:

The first amendment , and the rest, should be scrapped because govt shouldn’t even have a voice in these matters.  But what if there was an amendment for consumption?  Would the FDA, the drug war and the 16 oz soda rule be unconstitutional?


Separation of Family and State

  • Marriage licenses, gay marriage
  • Abortion and family planning
  • Adoption
  • School
  • Death and probate


Separation of education and state

  • Play link of self directed learning


Separation of State and child or the created separation of child and market

  • No work
  • School
  • Children can only consume. Does this view foster an anti-capitalist or socialistic viewpoint?  If you only consume, you can’t understand production.  You begin looking a wealth inequality only in consumption terms.

This is how some people come to hate commerce:

  • Some people delight in commerce, not just buying but in what the market is creating, technology or what cool thing they could offer
  • Schools teach that it is bad – money is the root of all evil.
  • Like before it’s usually a term of denial “we can’t afford that”
  • Nobody interacts with it except loosely as a consumer “what they can get.”
  • The entire case against freedom lives in government schooling, but it may equally be hinged on how we separate children from markets.
  • Imagine if everyone held on the belief of “separation of child and state” as dearly as religion?


Separation of market and state


Justice, Security, contracts